Direction & Accommodation Cards

This card gives guests
the information they
need to make travel
arrangements. If you are
having a destination
wedding or your guests
have to travel to get to
you... this is a must. If
you send
Save-the-Dates it's best
to include the card in this
mailing. If you send
wedding invitation only,
you would include this
card behind your

The examples shown
could be used
separately or used as a
front-back option.

These give your guest
simple driving directions
from their hotel.
This is good to include in
the wedding invitation
even if it's not a
destination wedding.
Some guests although
living in your state may
not be familiar with the
location you've chosen
for the wedding or
reception. Directions in
any "for instance" are a
great help to your guests!

It is also good...if you
have one to include your
wedding website info!

These are usually cut to
fit behind your invitation
RSVP card.
These were used as a
front/back insert.

I can layout, print & cut
these to size on your
paper for:
$20.00 per 100 (front
add additional $10.00
for double sided)


I can supply cardstock
paper (white/cream),
layout, print & cut these
to size for:
$30.00 per 100 (front
add additional $10.00
for double sided)
(This works best for out of
town customers to avoid
additional shipping cost.)

Maps supplied by you do
not cost any extra to print.