Handwritten Calligraphy Seating Charts
Designed to fit the Bride & Grooms style.
These are made to fit in a 22 x 28 frame.
*Frames are provided by customer.*
Pricing includes paper (white or cream) & *printing.
Cost (heading & 100 handwritten names) on seating chart $100.00
add .50 for each additional guest.
Style above uses table names. This chart has about 100 guests.
Please notice: The bride above included couples on one line to save space.

I prefer to use a larger 22" x 28" frame for handwritten charts.  You can get a nice frame at Michael's or Hobby Lobby for as little as
$30.00. Your event facility will most likely already have an easel to hold your large frame.

In conjunction with your seating chart you will need table name or number cards. (I can print for .50 ea on your paper) -or- table # cards
are easily found at Party City or Michael's.  
Many use small easels, picture frames or a note holding spike inserted in centerpiece at each table for table names or numbers.

Seating charts should be listed in alphabetical order so your guests can find their table quickly.
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